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About Us

Hi There

After years of working with travel and music seperately, then Dirty Frank has decided to join the two things, that he loves the most.

Dirty Frank wants to make your tour as safe and good as possible. Therefore Dirty Frank offers assistance from the beginning of planning the tour until the tour is over. Dirty Frank can assist with making your tour a great one as Dirty Frank is only a phonecall away and you can contact Dirty Frank 24/7.

Any problem that you feel that you cannot handle yourself – a instrument missing or broken, then call and Dirty Frank will assist you in find out what you can do. Or missed a flight or there is a delay, then call Dirty Frank and you can be informed on what to do.

Dirty Frank loves to travel and therefore wants to give you the same experience as if he would be travelling. Dirty Frank assist you in checking where to eat, drink or see in each city you come to. You might not have time for any of it, but you have the possiblity. You can also contact Dirty Frank while on tour and Dirty Frank can find a restaurant nearby that suits your desire.

Dirty Frank speaks Danish, English Portuguese and to some degre of German.